Class Curriculum

Elite Petite Class - 3 Years Old

This class is designed to meet the needs of 3 years olds to develop motor skills, listening skills, and class participation skills. The class lasts 30 minutes and includes interpretive songs that help build character and promote independence. This class includes pre - ballet, creative dance, and tumbling. These students will need a pair of pink ballet slippers and any type of leotard and tights.

K4 - K5 Classes

This class is designed for kindergarten children. This class includes: tap/ballet and tumbling. In this class, we encourage role playing and working with partners. These students will need black tap shoes, pink ballet slippers, and any type of leotard and tights.

Ballet/ Pointe

Ballet classes are offered for ages 6 and up. These classes will teach students ballet terminology and more advanced ballet form as they move up through the ages. At age 12, students will be evaluated to move up to Pre - Pointe/ Pointe classes. Ballet is encouraged for all students to build technique, strength, and confidence used in all dance forms. 

Jazz/ Hip - Hop

Jazz and Hip - Hop are offered for ages 6 and up. These classes use different technique styles to teach children these popular forms of dance. These forms of dance are upbeat, use popular music, and are a lot of fun for participants. 

Lyrical/ Contemporary

These classes focus on proper body placement, as well as correct arm and leg lines. Concentration and focus are important for successful students. Students must wear black leotard and tights. These dance types combine ballet, modern, and interpretive dance techniques.

Tap/ Clogging/ Baton

Tap and clogging classes use clogging and tap technique to teach students how to create different forms of rhythmic dance using their feet. In these classes, students should wear either tap or clogging shoes, depending on the specific class. Baton classes focus on  baton skills. We work on individual as well as class skills. Students should wear a leotard and shorts. The baton should be fitted to the student's arm length.